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Val Thorens Winter Season Closing Weekend

La Grande Derniere - End of Winter Season

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Your last chance to wax your skis and have a blast around the slopes of Val Thorens, particpate in ski racing and enjoy great entertainment

The winter season draws to an end, with Val Thorens being one of the last resorts to close. This will be a full on fun weekend with a Derby style ski race - a start with 4 participants from the summit of Péclet and finish at the foot of the Yannick Richard stadium: 3km of descent and 675m difference in altitude. Only 300 bibs available to race, so book now! Details in website link above. This weekend of entertainment includes, a waterslide, barbecue, concert, inflatable games and many more activities.

It reopens in just a couple of months of course, see our activities guide to see what Val Thorens has to offer during the warmer months.

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Val Thorens.


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