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Where to Eat in Val Thorens

Discover the top Val Thorens places to eat


There's a wide range of restaurants in Val Thorens to suit all tastes and budgets. Read our guide on all the best places to eat and where to find your favourite style of cuisine.

At lunchtimes, most restaurants will offer a well-priced 'Plat du Jour' (dish of the day), normally consisting of locally-sourced meat, potatoes and a salad or seasonal vegetables.

BBQ Restaurants

Steak Club: Definitely one to be noted for their great interior, on Rue de Gébroulaz in the upper part of Val Thorens. They have lots of different sections to the restaurant depending whether you want to take the long central table for a large group, a small booth or a cosy table next to the fire. They do great cocktails too so arrive early to enjoy an aperitif before tucking into your steak – you can’t go to The Steak Club without trying their steaks surely! 

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Find the best fondues in Val Thorens in 2018

Breakfast & Brunch

La Face Ouest: Open from 08:00 for coffee, crèpes and snacks.

Caron Freeride Café: If you like to eat at altitude then this is as high as you can get in Val Thorens for dining, located at the top of the Cime Caron lift at 3,200m. They do have a terrace however at that altitude conditions need to be perfect to be able to eat outside. The restaurant inside is not huge but can make a good stop off point before heading further afield. They also serve croissants and pain au chocolat, if you were desperate to make first lift and missed breakfast.  

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two pairs of skis resting on the snow

Child-friendly Restaurants

Face West: A good option for families as they serve food all day and into the evening. They have a varied menu with snack options alongside full dishes including amazing pizzas as well as steaks, fish and pasta. Just remind yourself that the menu is priced for the mountains, but it's worth it!

Le Diamant Noir Hotel and L'Atelier d'Eric: Le Koh-I Nor has two restaurants to choose from, a gorgeous terrace to take in the beautiful views of Val Thorens, and they offer a children’s menu for 3-12 year olds.

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a table in a restaurant

French Restaurants

Le Diamant Noir and L'Atelier d'Eric: A place you cannot really miss is Le Koh-I Nor when you are staying in Val Thorens, as it is an absolutely huge hotel. They have two restaurants to choose from, there is a gorgeous terrace to take in the beautiful views of Val Thorens, and they also have a lounge bar open both during the day and in the evening.

Le Blanchot: If you would like to sample some local savoyarde cuisine then this place ticks the box. With a wine bar type atmosphere they serve reasonably priced French cuisine with local specialities to try.

La Laiterie: A modern restaurant and definitely a must for the cheese connoisseur. They have a huge menu of different cheeses and even a fondue with Champagne!

La Ferme de Reberty: If you want to sample some local cuisine in a really cosy restaurant with a great atmosphere then head to this place in Les Menuires. A lovely restaurant and if you stop off in the day time they have a lovely large sunny terrace too.

Jardin Josephine or Le Montagnard: Down in St Martin de Belleville there is also the choice between these two, which are next door to each other and both owned by the same family. Jardin Josephine is a small restaurant with a lovely bright and refreshing interior. Le Montagnard is quite often fully booked so make sure you reserve your table in advance. Both restaurants serve home made local specialities with a bit of a twist.

Chantacoucou: A really different restaurant that you do not normally find in a ski resort, in the small village of Chatelard just below St Martin de Belleville. This is a family run farm restaurant normally serving a set menu with four courses and aperitif. It’s absolutely fantastic value and the food is amazing, serving meats and cheeses from the farm. Just be aware that this is a family restaurant with Maman in the kitchen and Papa in the dining room so there is generally just one sitting in their lovely cosy dining room with roaring fire. A definite recommend.

Trying to find a good mountain restaurant can be a minefield and also pot luck. It can be difficult to tell from the outside if they are self-service or Michelin star so here’s a quick guide. There are a total of 11 restaurants located around and about the slopes of Val Thorens if you like to eat slopeside.

Chalet de la Marine: Named in Le Guide Michelin since 2013. They have a Michelin Star chef, Romuald Fassenet serving up traditional yet very fancy French cuisine. There is however also a cheaper option of Bistro de la Marine with self-service snacks. Just take the “Cascades” chairlift and head down the blue run “Les Dalles” and voila.

La Fruitiere: Known more for their après party than their food, you might not know that there is a restaurant tucked away at La Folie Douce and a good one at that! It's found at the top of the Plein Sud chairlift. They have a beautiful terrace and whilst not a vast menu and certainly not at the cheaper end of the scale we would say that for mountain restaurants, it’s a really relaxing place to spend your lunchtime ‘on top of the world’. They also have a snack bar which is located under the DJ balcony if you need to refuel before dancing on the tables!

Chalet de Caron: If a speedy lunch and getting back on your skis is your thing then a self-service restaurant such as this will be a good stop off for you. Located opposite the Caron lift below Val Thorens, it can be a good meet up point too as it is easily accessible. Their menu offers a bit of everything with pizzas, pasta and local specialties and they have a huge terrace to enjoy the sun. After lunch you have two or three lifts to choose from opposite the restaurant to ski the afternoon away.

Les Aiguilles de Peclet: At the top of the Peclet lift you can find a self-service restaurant and an à la carte menu. One of the best things about this restaurant is it's panoramic terrace with views of the glacier.

Chez Pepe Nicholas: An option for a very rustic French mountain restaurant experience below Val Thorens off the Piste de la Chasse. Most of their produce is home made and there is real attention to detail with the presentation. They have a cosy terrace with sheepskin throws and be sure to say Bonjour to ‘Happy’ the St Bernard who is normally somewhere taking a nap. Their menu is quite limited in selection and is pretty pricey. It does however make a refreshing change and is a great place to ski to for a more traditional experience.

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Ferme Auberge Le Chantacoucou Restaurant, St Martin style of cuisine

Italian & Pizza Restaurants

Face West: Has a varied menu with a snack option along with a full menu including amazing pizzas along with steaks, fish and pasta. Just remind yourself that the menu is priced for the mountains, but it's worth it.

La Maison: Just across the road/piste this spot changed hands a few years ago and came back as a big glam white restaurant. They have a similar menu to Face West in terms of variety but you will find it slightly more pricey. The restaurant is really centrally located at the end of the shopping gallery and swimming pool, and they also have a huge terrace for sunny afternoons.

Ours Blanc: Further down the Belleville valley in Reberty above Les Menuires, offers superb home-made pizzas on its sun-blistering terrace.

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Face West Cafe Restaurant Review example dish

Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Les Explorateurs: In the Pashmina Hotel is a one Michelin star restaurant open for dinner only. The contemporary dining room is the setting for creative gourmet dishes prepared by chefs Romuald Fassenet and Josselin Jeanblanc.

La Bouitte: In between Les Menuires and St Martin down the valley from Val Thorens, you will find a tiny village called St Marcel where the famous three Michelin star restaurant has its home. As you would expect from a restaurant with such a rating the service is impeccable and it is certainly a dining experience. Also if you need somewhere for the helicopter to park, you’re in luck - there’s a spot just across from the restaurant.

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What's On in Val Thorens March 2018

Modern European & International Restaurants

Chalet du Thorens: Also known as Bar 360, it's known for being a great après-ski bar and they serve really good food too. There's plenty to choose from including traditional French cuisine, noodles, sandwiches, pizza, waffles and even sushi – a rare find on the mountain. They have a pretty relaxed set up with deckchairs and tables galore.

John’s American Restaurant: A change from fondue with fajitas, steak, nachos and ribs on the menu. There is also the option of John’s Scandinavian offering more of a seafood menu and they also serve a brunch buffet on Saturday from 10:00.   

The Steak Club: On Rue de Gébroulaz in the upper part of Val Thorens specialising in... steak! They have lots of different sections to the restaurant depending whether you want to take the long central table for a large group, a small booth or a cosy table next to the fire. They do great cocktails too so arrive early to enjoy an aperitif before tucking into a juicy steak.

Ninkasi: If you are staying in Les Menuires this is a great place to find a homemade burger, run by two ski instructors who have hung up their skis in favour of the restaurant world. Located towards the right-hand side of the Croisette near the children's fun area. The restaurant and terrace are on the small side as compared to other larger restaurants in this area, but this makes for a cosy atmosphere. They also have a great range of artisanal beers to try and are open from the morning right through until the evening service.

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a cafe with a terrace during some snow fall

Pubs & Gastropubs

Frog and Roastbeef: If you're looking for some good ol' English pub grub then this joint can tick that box. Located alongside the majority of Val Thorens bars/restaurants on Rue de Gebroulaz, the Frog and Roastbeef's menu is definitely more Roastbeef than Frog! With comfort food on the menu such as mac and cheese, bangers and mash and 'posh' chicken nuggets, they're open at lunchtime and are a good option if you're looking for a good feed before hitting the slopes.  

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An image of a drink being poured at The Frog and Roastbeef

Sushi Restaurants

Red Dragon: For sushi this is the place to head for. Hidden away slightly in the upper area of Les Menuires this restaurant provides a great menu of Asian cuisine and you can opt for the 'bateaux' of sushi with around 60 pieces. This restaurant is a really refreshing change from the Savoie specialities if you are looking for something a little different for your palette.

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Red Dragon Sushi Restaurant, Les Menuires exterior

Take-away Restaurants

Chalet du Thorens: Also known as Bar 360, great après but some really good food too. On a different scale to La Fruitier, Chalet du Thorens focuses more on variety and offers a food court type set up with traditional cuisine, noodles, sandwiches, pizza, waffles and even sushi – a rare find on the mountain! They have a pretty relaxed set up with deckchairs and tables galore if you'd like to sit in instead.

Le Burger Bar: Serves homemade burgers and fries every day from 17:00-22:00 with extended service on a Saturday serving from midday until 22:00. If you are a Val Thorens street expert then you will find them situated down the road La Rue du Soleil.

Other options depending on the direction of your walk from bar-apartment include; Pizz’ Burger at Galerie Caron, Val Burger Pizza on Rue Caron or Ski Food at Place Caron.

Here’s a few more you might want to take a look at: Snow Food, Gaufres Geo, Waffy Good, Le Comptoir, Pic’ Nic, Face Food or L’Altifood

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Le Burger Bar Restaurant, Val Thorens interior

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